The Ultimate Glute Guide 1.0

The Ultimate Glute Guide 1.0

Shane Maree
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My very first online program is here ladies! This program will help you grow your glutes and really fall in love with your beautiful curves! I have put together four weeks of training for you, gym and home options available, so that you can properly progress with your workouts.

Although this is a glute-focused program, I believe in keeping a well-balanced body so I've included a touch of upper body days, ab routines, and cardio instructions!

What's included:

  • 4 week program
  • gym + home available
  • glutes-based, lower body workouts, 3 days per week
  • upper body workouts, 2 days a week
  • cardio instructions included
  • ab routines included
  • build your glutes properly through the right progressions each week
  • videos demonstration of each exercise
  • photo reference of each exercise
  • mobile-friendly
  • download and save it to all your devices for easy accessibility
  • international-friendly
  • yours to keep forever!

Gym version available.
Home version available.

Home Equipment Needed:

  • a pair of dumbbells (5-15lbs)
  • small loop bands (code shane10 for a discount on bands!)

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